Great Free Photo Editing Programs

Digital photography is a wonderful thing, but soon one ends up with hundreds of pictures which would be great except they need just a little correction or tweaking. Maybe there are problems with red eye, or the contrast or brightness was not quite right. Few people want to spend fifty to three hundred dollars on a photo editing program to deal with these problems. Luckily, there are plenty of quality free photo editing programs out there to choose from.


FxFoto’s standard edition is one of many photo editing programs that does most things that the casual photographer would like to correct in their pictures. Included in the standard edition for FxFoto are tools like lighting and image adjustment, red eye correction, blemish correction, smoothing, cropping, photo frames, and text enhancement. Of course, it goes without saying this application will save and rename standard image files. FxFoto has one of the higher user ratings from unaffiliated websites such as hosted by CNET. The deluxe version of this software does much more including slide shows, scrapbook layouts, and collages to name a few.

Photozig Albums Express

Another great pick in editing programs would be Photozig Albums Express. This application is a great solution for managing digital photos and slide shows on your computer. This program makes it easy to transfer pictures from your computer to your camera and organize them in any way you see fit. Tools such as red eye correction and their own “quick fix” allow you to automatically adjust brightness and contrast intensity to the optimum level. The Photozig application also saves the original so it is easy to go back to your original photo if you don’t like the correction. It’s easy to use interface makes this program wonderful for all levels of users from advance to beginner. This program works with both the Windows XP and Vista operating system.

Pixresizer 2.0.3

Pixresizer is an easy to use photo file resize application. Have you ever tried to send your pictures to friends and relatives only to find that they have a hard time viewing them because the resolution or size of the photo is just too big? This nifty little program will have you quickly resizing one or ten selected photos for easier use within email applications and on the web. The smaller sized pictures are saved to a separate file so that the original photo is unchanged. It also converts photos between various different formats. As far as free photo editing programs go, this one should be included with every digital camera sold.

These are just a few choices of the numerous free photo programs and tools out there for the general public to use. Whether you desire to create digital photo albums, online scrapbooks, or slide shows, there is certain to be a quality product out there for your use. Just be sure when you are downloading an application that you are doing it from a reputable website so you can be sure you won’t get any unwanted viruses.